As NC-9 Filing Begins, State Issues FAQ On Ongoing Investigation

As NC-9 Filing Begins, State Issues FAQ On Ongoing Investigation

9:21am Mar 12, 2019
Booking photo of Leslie McCrae Dowless. Dowless was at the center of a ballot fraud investigation by state elections officials who ordered a new election in the disputed North Carolina congressional race. (Wake City-County Bureau of Identification via AP)

Candidates have started lining up in the race for North Carolina’s Ninth District Congressional seat after November’s results were thrown out amid fraud accusations.

State officials have released thier response on six issues involved in the Ninth District do-over. One of them: why wasn’t Democrat Dan McCready named the winner after a campaign operative for his opponent, Republican Mark Harris, was tied to irregularities in absentee-ballot collections?

Elections officials say the results of the election were so tainted that it’s unclear who would have won had it been a fair election. The bipartisan state board voted unanimously for a new election.

As for prosecutions, state officials say several people have already been indicted in connection with alleged fraudulent activities in the last two elections. Most notably, McCrae Dowless, the Harris operative at the center of the investigation.

And it’s not over. The board is continuing to gather and review evidence for the Wake County District Attorney’s Office, which could lead to additional charges.

The candidate filing period lasts only this week, with a primary scheduled for May 10.

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