Musician April Waller Speaks on Songwriting

Musician April Waller Speaks on Songwriting

2:31pm Aug 05, 2013


April Waller, is the lead singer, and manager of the April Waller band, one of the only bands to play almost all types of music. That is not the only thing interesting about this North Carolinian band.

WFDD radio camper Jacob Myers recently sat down and interviewed April.


I was waiting for April Waller, a woman from a musical family from Louisiana, who moved to North Carolina when she felt she was old enough. Then, a young woman stepped through the door and said, “Hi i am April Waller.” We then went to a bench outside of the YMCA of Davie county, surrounded by flowers and bushes. I asked her what type of music she plays.

We kind of feel like our audience deserves to hear different types of music, and so we play country, rock, pop, reggae, rap, a little bit of everything, it’s very unique, but my voice is definitely country.

Fade in "Down in Mississippi" Cover

After learning about the music she plays, knowing she does covers and originals, I asked how does she puts her mark on a cover song instead of sounding the same as the original.

When I listen to a cover song, I try to listen to it one time, because if I listen to it too much, the artist is in my head. [This way], I sing it the way I think it should be sung. Usually, it comes out way different. Either the audience either loves it or they hate it.

Finally I asked if she had any advice for younger musicians.

My advice for any musician would be to definitely follow your dreams, and to go after what you want to go after because it could be scary trying to find your way in this life, but if you definitely feel you have a passion, go for it because if you don’t try at all, you’ll never know.

Another thing that April told me is that she was encouraged by her husband to sing in front of people. She said that that was the most important that happened in her life. Her debut album will soon come out. If you would like to learn more about April Waller, you can look up The April Waller Band at

For WFDD Radio Camp, I am Jacob Myers.