Muddy Mayhem for Marines: Local 5K Obstacle Course Raises Money for NC Veterans

Muddy Mayhem for Marines: Local 5K Obstacle Course Raises Money for NC Veterans

6:17pm Jun 05, 2014
Participants in the Marine Mud Run will conquer two new obstacles in this year's 5K race.
Marine Corp League Detachment 1075

This weekend, hundreds of people will get down and dirty in Stokes County for a good cause.

The 5th annual Marine Mud Run will take place on Saturday in Pinnacle and is a fun way to raise money for veteran rehabilitation programs in North Carolina. Lewis Pleasants, the Commandant of the local Marine Corps League Detachment 1075, says fundraisers like these have enabled his detachment to help veterans across the state. “Probably 99 percent of the funds that we raise through our detachment remain in North Carolina, a lot of it in this immediate community.”This 5K race and obstacle course is hosted by Pleasants’ Detachment, and runners of all ages are encouraged to slosh through the mud towards the finish line. There is even a Pollywog race for children 12 and under. He says their course is shorter in length, but boasts many of the same obstacles as the regular race. “There’s a lot of mud, a lot of obstacles, and just plain fun. It’s very family oriented, and participants will have the dirtiest fun they’ve ever had in a 5K race,” says Pleasants.Adult participants can choose to either race as individuals or as part of a team. Pleasants says all runners are to come armed with enthusiasm, and teams are encouraged to don creative costumes. The organizers of the mud run add to the fun by creating new obstacles each year. “This year will be one that’s the cargo net. Another obstacle we have is called Mt. Suribachi. It’s a rope climb,”  he says. “But it’s a challenge to get up there.”Just as marines are committed to leaving no man behind, these marines will leave no runner behind. Any participant having trouble with an obstacle can receive assistance from one of the multiple marines stationed throughout the race.

The Marine Mud Run will begin at 8 a.m. on Saturday, June 7 at Jomeokee Campground in Pinnacle. For registration details, visit the NC Marine Mud Run website

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