Move Over 336: New Area Code Approved For Triad

Move Over 336: New Area Code Approved For Triad

3:21pm Aug 22, 2014

Triad residents are getting a second area code. The new 743 number is on the way.

In addition to the current 336, Officials from the North Carolina Utilities Commission announced Wednesday that the 743 area code is approved for use. Local phone providers will provide details later on when the new area code will start. The new area code means all local calls will now require 10 digit dialing, but both area codes will remain free of charge. 

Customers who already have 336 numbers will be allowed to keep them. The new area code will be used primarily for issuing new numbers.

The new area code is needed because all available 336 numbers are expected to be used up by 2016, according to commission officials.


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