Meet The Artist: Thomas Kozak

Meet The Artist: Thomas Kozak

1:27pm Aug 16, 2013
WFDD Radio Camper Catlin talks to Thomas Kozak
Molly Davis-WFDD

Thomas Kozak is the lead singer of a yet to be named music group. He came in a little late because he was out building tree forts, and he had to change out of his dirty overalls.

WFDD radio camper Caitlin Westwood tells us more.



We spoke at the Wake Forest University quad. It was noisy , because of construction in the area, and there were other interviews going on all around us. There were birds chirping and twittering above us. Thomas Kozak told me about his past and present.

I grew up in Birmingham, right outside of Birmingham in Homewood, Alabama. Right now I have just finished graduate school so I'm kicking around Winston, playing shows where I can and working in an orchard, working on a garden and having a great time. I play guitar, mostly, that's my chief instrument. And I play mandolin, a little bit of piano and banjo.

Kozak talked about how his parents influenced  him and what he grew up listening to.


My parents have been the biggest influence. I guess when you are growing yup the only music you have for a while is the music they listen to. So that will inform what you like to listen to. And then that informed what I played. So I grew up playing Simon and Garfunkel and Joni MItchell and other such musicians.

Thomas Kozak says that he and his yet to be named music group are working on an album.


For WFDD Radio Camp, I'm Caitlin Westwood.