Meet the Artist: Logie Meachum

Meet the Artist: Logie Meachum

9:59am Jul 30, 2014
Logie Meachum talks about his music and life with Radio Camper Timothy Schucker
Mary Heisey

Lorenzo (Logie) Meachum is a blues musician, historian, storyteller and an avid gardener pursuing a PhD in African American Studies. WFDD radio camper Timothy Schucker met with Logie and has more.

Logie was a tall man wearing glasses and a hat. He had a red shirt and brought his guitar. We walked to King Hall where we sat on the front steps to start the interview. I first asked Logie what he thinks blues music is all about.

When I sing blues and when I talk about it, I have a blues theology, and blues theology is just the idea that sin and guilt are inherent in man's composition. They're naturally there, but what is not naturally there is your will and ability to get up and fight again another day. You have to groom that you have to grow that. For me that's what blues-theology and blues philosophy is. When God lets you get up and fight one more time. 

Logie also has passion for gardening, and he considers his garden to be a connection to God. Logie spends most of his time playing music, however. I asked Logie which of his songs is his favorite. 

  One of my favorite songs is about perhaps one of my favorite ladies. One of the songs I play quite a lot is called "Grandmas Hands". And in my life the person who probably have been the most influential and catalytic and encouraging me to do music was my grandmother. I grew up in a generation of people were everybody says, "You better get a job! You better put that guitar down! You better stop dancing around with them old gals and hangin' out on clubs on Saturday night and get yourself a post office job! But my grandma told me, "Lorenzo, when you die and they bury you the only one who's gonna be looking up is you. Do what you want to do." So I started playing a lot more music. So I play in tribute to that wonderful woman a song called "Grandma's Hands."

  Logie is in a blues group called the After Hours Band. You can find out were Logie will be performing next on

For WFDD Radio Camp I'm Timothy Schucker.