Meet the Artist: Joshua Moyer, DJ Dichotomy

Meet the Artist: Joshua Moyer, DJ Dichotomy

3:22pm Jul 18, 2013
Molly Davis


Making a living in the music industry is hard work, and one triad DJ knows this all too well. WFDD Radio camper Sam Coronado spoke with him and has more.


I met with Joshua Moyer, a tall spiky haired musician at Hearn Plaza on the campus of Wake Forest University. Since 2006, he's been a professional DJ. He's performed in Florida, Pennsylvania and parts of North Carolina.

I always resonated with electronic artists, like Nine Inch Nails, or prodigy andI think it’s a kind of “pied piper” situation. You’re directing the flow of the experience that people are having. My wife, I’ll be like, “hey, through me a song!” And she’ll throw me a song idea. It’s just interesting: the art of figuring out, (on the fly, because that first song is already playing, you only have three mintues),” Okay,how do I mix this next song in?” It’s the same thing as playing live, like stringing a set list together and seeing how that affects the crowd. You kind of have to figure it out more quickly.

Moyer says he plays at a lot of different venues; weddings, clubs and parties. He explains a really popular type of party where he DJ's is called Rave.

Rave… it’s just a big dance party with a DJ, or often lots of DJs and a good light show and a good vibe.

He also has a unique partnership with a Winston-Salem based record label.

I’ve put out three cd’s by myself and two, very mediocre. So we’ll see! Like I said, it’s a building relationship with them. I don’t know where it’s going, but I think it’s going in the right direction.

He's also about to launch a new live entertainment company, DJ Dichotomy. Moyer says while he's excited about branching off in this music industry, his passion will always be rooted in being a DJ, spinning tunes for people who want to dance.

For WFDD Radio Camp, I’m Sam Coronado.

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To experience more of Joshua Moyer's musical talents, watch the video below.