Meet the Artist: Guitarist William Tyler

Meet the Artist: Guitarist William Tyler

8:55am Jul 30, 2014
William Tyler


As a solo guitarist, William Tyler uses the instrument as a wide angle lens. His music evokes images of America’s panoramic past, and the unsettling path taken from the 1950s to the present. His guitar playing is nimble, but not showy. His use of effects is a component, but never a crutch. He uses open tunings and infuses elements of drone, psychedelia and pure experimentalism, but his music remains wholly accessible.

When Eddie Garcia spoke with William he was sitting on a porch in Durham, North Carolina, a day before he took the stage at Baldwin Auditorium, to kick off a series of concerts celebrating 25 years of Merge Records.

“What I like about writing instrumental music is that its not immediate, but it does allow a lot of space for the listener to conjure up different ideas, images, and associations that would not exist there with the tyranny of lyricism, and being told a story by somebody.”

Guitarist William Tyler's latest release on Merge Records is Lost Colony, an ep played with a full band.

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