Meet The Artist: Bob Log III

Meet The Artist: Bob Log III

9:24pm Nov 01, 2015
Bob Log III.
Eddie Garcia

One of the more recent venue additions to our thriving music scene is Reanimator Records. They’re about to celebrate their 2nd anniversary as combo record store and live music room. They present an eclectic mix from experimental noisemakers to hushed tone acoustic troubadours, to scuzzed-out glitter spangled guitar heroes like Bob Log III.

Bob Log III is a one man band who performs in a black & sparkly jumpsuit, topped off with a motorcycle helmet that has been outfitted with an old school phone receiver – which he sings through.  Bob played an overstuffed lunchtime concert at Reanimator Records back in 2014.

Bob currently lives in Melbourne Australia, and keeps a home in Tucson, Arizona.  Where you’ll find him usually is on the road, and you can find tour dates here.

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