Mean Mary Performs at Muddy Creek Music Hall

Mean Mary Performs at Muddy Creek Music Hall

3:39pm Jun 05, 2015

Known around the world for her lightning-fast fingers on banjo, fiddle, and guitar, haunting vocals, and intricate story songs, Mary James or Mean Mary as she’s known is the perfect fit for The Fiddle and Bow Society in Winston-Salem.  Her original music nods in the direction of folk-rock, bluegrass, and blues, but the skilled multi-instrumentalist has a truly unique musical voice that’s all her own. We sample from Mean Mary’s most recent album: Year of the Sparrow.

The Nashville-based artist and author has been entertaining audiences for as long as she can remember. You can hear Mean Mary singing and playing guitar on Long Tall Texan for a television audience at the age of six in today's show.

On Friday night, June 5th at 8:00 PM she’ll perform at the Muddy Creek Music Hall in Historic Bethania Mill, 5455 Bethania Rd, in W-S. Click here to find out more about Mary’s recordings and book titled “Wherefore Art Thou Jane”. 

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