McCrory Rejects Board of Elections Request To Hire Outside Lawyers

McCrory Rejects Board of Elections Request To Hire Outside Lawyers

5:23pm Nov 29, 2016
WFDD File Photo by Paul Garber
The State Board of Elections is having trouble finding a lawyer to represent itself in a case brought against them by a conservative group. This is the latest ripple in the still undecided North Carolina Governor’s race between Roy Cooper and Pat McCrory.

Legal counsel representing McCrory rejected the board's request of three attorneys from the Brooks Pierce law firm. The Republican led board wants to defend itself against an outside organization that is suing the State Board of Elections over same day registration. The group claims that there was not enough time to verify addresses of those who registered and voted on the same day.

Under state law, the governor’s office must approve the hiring of outside attorneys.

Current numbers indicate that Cooper is in the lead by 9,700 votes. This could possibly contribute to a conflict of interest if the Attorney General’s office is called upon to defend the board, as Cooper currently serves in that role.

According to the Raleigh News & Observer, an election board attorney says the decision could put the board at a disadvantage in the lawsuit. Governor McCrory could not be immediately reached for comment by the paper.

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