Local Textile Company Makes A 'Seamless' Transition To Spur Growth

Local Textile Company Makes A 'Seamless' Transition To Spur Growth

6:00am Jul 24, 2015
Scott Fogleman works on a seamless knitting machine at Acme-McCrary.
Julie Knight, Triad Business Journal

An Asheboro textile company that’s been in business for over a century has been pivoting away from its once signature product. For years, Acme-McCrary thrived on manufacturing sheer pantyhose. It was steady work and always in demand. But when that industry began to decline, the company decided to shift to a new type of apparel. The Triad Business Journal’s Katie Arcieri has been reporting on their transition. For this week’s business report, she tells WFDD’s Emily McCord that they’re going seamless. 

Products like Spanx and other activewear are proving to be profitable for Acme-McCrary.  Arcieri says it was an easy shift for the company, since the manufacturing involved in seamless products is so similar to making things like pantyhose, which began a decline in the 1990's that continues to this day.  The company realized it needed to change its offerings to remain competitive. 

"You will see a lot of people wearing yoga pants and tank-tops to the office, to the grocery story, to picking up their kids," says Arcieri. "Everything has become more casual. I think people are trying to have an almost seamless lifestyle, as well."

The bulk of Acme-McCrary is still in hosiery, but Arcieri reports the company expects to double their seamless business to 40 percent over the next 5 years. It's an effort led by the new president, Donnie White, who has been with the company for 24 years. 

She says because of seamless-wear, the company has been able to remain in Asheboro. Acme-McCrary employs around 3oo people there. But Arcieri says challenges remain.

"The hosiery business is going to continue to decline over the next five years. They can't just continue to stay with 70 percent of their business still in hosiery. They really are bullish on the seamless business and they also talk about the possibility of creating garments that they've never created before." 

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