Local Groups Add Additional Support For Homeless During Cold Months

Local Groups Add Additional Support For Homeless During Cold Months

5:06pm Feb 18, 2021
More freezing rain and cold temperatures are expected through Friday morning. This latest storm prompted a White Flag response by community groups to help meet the needs of the homeless population. KERI BROWN/WFDD

Forsyth County agencies have implemented their White Flag emergency response plan to provide a safe warm place for the homeless during the winter storm.

This latest effort is in addition to a new center that opened on Highland Avenue in January to meet the needs when temperatures dip during the winter months.

But that site is more of an auditorium setting, so several community groups found alternative locations to prepare for possible power outages and more people.

"We didn’t want our staff where they safely couldn’t get home and we also didn’t want that type of environment for a potential prolonged stay for folks who are on the street and came in for shelter," says Tracy Mohr, executive director of City with Dwellings.

Mohr says the additional sites served about half a dozen people on Wednesday night. She says those in need of shelter should check-in at the Bethesda Center, or City with Dwellings. The agencies will arrange transportation to these temporary locations if needed.

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