Local Government Ordinance Restrictions Fails To Pass

Local Government Ordinance Restrictions Fails To Pass

8:57pm Sep 29, 2015

UPDATE AT 6:12AM: The bill did not get enough support in the General Assembly before lawmakers adjourned this morning.  


A compromise bill has been expanded to include a ban on local government ordinances.  LGBQT advocacy groups fear that this change may dilute some local gay and lesbian protections.

The House debated a negotiated compromise agreement Tuesday that could void many city- or county-approved rules placing specific requirements on businesses on employee pay, housing and landlord-tenant relationships.

Advocacy groups opposing the compromise say it would eliminate or prevent ordinances requiring higher minimum wages than the state allows, minimum housing standards and some gay and lesbian protections.

Negotiator Rep. Paul Stam of Apex told colleagues the bill reinforces a state constitutional provision against local acts affecting trade and labor. The bill needs both House and Senate approval before it goes to Gov. Pat McCrory.


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