Lexington Confederate Monument Removed Overnight

Lexington Confederate Monument Removed Overnight

11:25am Oct 16, 2020
Lexington's Confederate memorial stood on the square at the corner of Main and Center Streets. PAUL GARBER/WFDD

A controversial Confederate statue in Lexington was removed late Thursday night.


The ongoing fight over the monument divided city leaders, who wanted the statue

removed from its central location, and Davidson County Commissioners, who

believed it should remain.


The monument is technically owned by the United Daughters of the Confederacy.

County officials announced on Wednesday that the UDC reached an agreement

with the city to remove the statue from its central location, where it has stood for

over a century.


Fox8 News reports the city has agreed to pay for the statue’s removal and storage,

and will drop its lawsuit against the UDC.


County commissioners released a statement saying they believe the statue should

have remained, but that the UDC retained the right to move it.

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