Legislature Explores Better Management For Treatment Centers

Legislature Explores Better Management For Treatment Centers

8:01pm Nov 19, 2014

The General Assembly is looking at how to better manage the state's three drug treatment centers. The lawmakers are considering whether to merge these centers with the state's managed care operations.

The Program Evaluation Division reported Wednesday to an oversight committee about the state's Alcohol and Drug Abuse Treatment Centers in Butner, Greenville and Black Mountain.

The legislature's government watchdog agency's report recommends the facilities should be integrated into the state's managed care operations for mental health and substance abuse services and their $37 million in annual operating funds transferred there over a four year period.

The Program Evaluation Division says the nine managed care entities could use the money to improve community-based substance abuse programs and contract with the centers when intense inpatient services are needed.

A 1990's government reorganization report recommended a similar shift, but it did not occur. 

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