Learning Your Passion: An Interview with Broadcast Producer Phil Brame

Learning Your Passion: An Interview with Broadcast Producer Phil Brame

11:37am Jul 18, 2013
Molly Davis

Finding a career you love may take many years and may lead you down some unexpected paths. WFDD Radio Camper Jillian Heard spoke with a triad man who says he stumbled into finding his passion. They recently met on the Campus of Wake Forest University. 


When you are a child, it seems the only question you ever here is "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Like most of us, Phil Brame struggled in coming up with an answer.

I played a lot of sports, so in the back of my mind I probably always wanted to be a professional athlete but the odds aren’t in your favor in that respect so I really didn’t have any idea until I came to Wake. When I was a student studying math, I thought I was going to go into banking industry or something like that.  I happened to stumble upon getting the opportunity to work at ISP then and now IMG. I changed my mind pretty quick; I wanted to work in sports.

It’s a bright, summer day, and Brame is relaxed as we talked at one of the green tables on Hearn Plaza in front of Reynolda Hall. He's a Broadcast Producer at International Management Group in Winston-Salem. It's also known as IMG.

IMG is a global conglomerate basically. They do a whole lot of things with sports, with entertainment, with media… and then I work for IMG College, which is a subdivision of the company. We deal with college multimedia rights and sales for universities. So we partner with schools across the country and we try to help promote their athletics with businesses in the communities.

Although his job keeps him on the go during the year, Brame says there's one sport that helps him relax.

Golf is the most frustrating and challenging game you’ll ever do because the margin of error is so small. I love the challenge. It’s a good chance to get out , walk around, and enjoy your afternoon.

This summer, Brame will work with IMG to prepare for the new college football season.

For WFDD Radio Camp, I’m Jillian Heard.