Katherine Foster: Fostering Community History at the New Winston Museum

Katherine Foster: Fostering Community History at the New Winston Museum

3:08pm Jul 29, 2014
Radio Camper William Comer interviews Katherine Foster of the New Winston Museum
Molly Davis

  Katherine Foster is the executive director of the New Winston Museum, a museum whose mission is to preserve, promote, and present the dynamic history and diverse stories of the Winston-Salem Forsyth community. Katherine began her career in nonprofits, working with the Forsyth Humane Society and with the Second Harvest Food Bank, which led her to her position at the New Winston Museum. WFDD Radio Camper William Comer finds out more.

Katherine Foster approached me on a sunny summer morning with an enthusiastic attitude and a noticeable excitement to talk about her role at the New Winston Museum.

New Winston Museum strives to present and interpret history as more than just a series of events, but more as a conversation between communities, between people, cultures. And it’s a conversation that continues today. We do this - we call ourselves a museum of living conversation. Our Salon Series is an opportunity for people to get together and learn more about each others’ story. 

I asked Katherine about the exhibits at the New Winston Museum, which she spoke fondly of.

We have two exhibits currently right now: Every Picture Tells Our Story, which is a cultural collage in many ways. It shows through photographs and through descriptions the way that people used to live from 1849 to now, so it’s a timeline of photographs that kind of tell our community history. We also have our oral history project, which are interviews with about 43 different members of our community.

The New Winston Museum is offering a new membership program to help support and underwrite new exhibits at the museum. To learn more about the New Winston Museum and membership, visit newwinston.org.

For 88.5 WFDD Radio Camp, I’m William Comer.