It's Time for Sledding! Winter Storm Brings Headaches & Fun For Triad Residents

It's Time for Sledding! Winter Storm Brings Headaches & Fun For Triad Residents

6:18pm Jan 29, 2014
Kids in the Clemmons area enjoyed the day off from school on Wednesday. This picture was taken near Blue Bonnet Lane.
Keri Brown

The snow and bone-chilling cold weather forced schools in several North Carolina counties to close their doors Wednesday. A few inches of snow fell in the Triad, and children and adults are taking full advantage of the fluffy white stuff.

Gwien Hayes is originally from New York. She and her family now live in Clemmons. Hayes calls the snow a welcomed treat.

“Waking up to the snow was a nice surprise for us. We got to pull out the sleds for the first time this year, so we are really enjoying it,” says Hayes.

Hayes was joined by her neighbor Doug Robertson, who also lives on Blue Bonnet Lane.

Robertson says he woke up to a damaged mail box.  A car accidentally slid off the road and hit it last night. But despite the mess, he’s grateful for Old Man Winter.

“I love it! If it’s going to be cold, it might as well snow,” says Robertson.

Students in Forsyth and Guilford County Schools will have another day to enjoy the winter weather. Public school officials say there will be no school again on Thursday.

In the meantime, Hayes says she hopes people will remember the elderly during this time of year. She and her husband have been busy shoveling sidewalks and driveways for some of their neighbors in the Clemmons area.  She is encouraging others to do the same.

“Help your neighbor out. If you are going out, remember that there are a lot of elderly people around who don’t have the means to get out or should be out driving in this, so if you can offer some assistance and you are going out you should do it,” says Hayes.

A winter weather advisory for black ice remains in effect for most of the viewing area until Noon Thursday. But there is some good news around the corner. Some of the snow and ice should start to melt soon. The National Weather Service says temperatures in the Triad are expected to be in the mid to upper 50’s this weekend.

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