It's Not too Cold to Fish for Trout in Greensboro

It's Not too Cold to Fish for Trout in Greensboro

4:28pm Jan 06, 2014
Officials with Greensboro Parks & Recreation say more than 300 people have visited Lake Higgins since November to fish for rainbow trout.
Greensboro Parks & Recreation-City of Greensboro

The cold temperatures may get in the way of your outdoor activities, but its a perfect time to grab your fishing pole and head to Lake Higgins in Greensboro.

The Taylor Turner Hatchery Pond at Lake Higgins is now filled with more than 800 pounds of Rainbow Trout. Officials with the Greensboro Parks and Recreation Department restocked the waterway yesterday afternoon. Public fishing will begin on Wednesday.

“Throughout the last 17 years, Lake Higgins has hosted an open to the public trout fishing program. We stock the lake with rainbow trout anywhere from one pound up to five pounds and it gives people the opportunity to come out in the winter time for a guaranteed catch,” says Derek Dunn, the activities specialist for Lake Higgins. 

The trout fishing program at Lake Higgins runs from November through March. The fee is $1 to fish and $4 per pound of fish caught. All fish must be weighed and kept. Dunn says this is not a catch and release opportunity. 

“Having a North Carolina fishing license is strongly encouraged, however you do not need a N.C. trout stamp to fish because these are stocked waters. We have people from all over. People come as far as Virginia and West Virginia to fish our stocked waters and based on how we do and how many people come out, we may be able to do another stocking before the weather gets warmer,” says Dunn. 

A state fishing license can also be purchased at the marina office at Lake Higgins. Visitors can fish for trout from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

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