Inside SAS, One Of The 'Best Companies To Work For'

Inside SAS, One Of The 'Best Companies To Work For'

2:38pm Oct 12, 2015
Jim Goodnight has run SAS since he co-founded the data analytics company in 1976. (

The Great Place to Work Institute‘s annual list of the world’s best workplaces comes out tomorrow. SAS, a data analytics company based in Cary, North Carolina, consistently rates as one of the list’s best multinationals.

But SAS is not a household name. The company came to the attention of Here & Now when Stanford management professor Jeffrey Pfeffer told us that SAS treats its workers exceptionally well and is also highly profitable.

SAS has inspired great Silicon Valley workplaces like Google, and it’s been run by its founding CEO since 1976. So for this week’s View from the Top, host Jeremy Hobson speaks with Jim Goodnight, CEO of SAS.

Asked why he created such a great workplace environment, Goodnight says, “creative people need to be treated like they’re very special people.”


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