Hurricane Prompts Concerns Over Agriculture Runoff From Poultry Waste

Hurricane Prompts Concerns Over Agriculture Runoff From Poultry Waste

7:39am Sep 14, 2018
Heavy rain is expected to cause high water and debris in the The Yadkin River. KERI BROWN/WFDD

Environmentalists are urging people to stay off the Yadkin River now, and in the days following Hurricane Florence because of tree debris and high water.

They’re also concerned about runoff from agricultural fields - especially poultry.

“Right now, our concern is that the spreading would have been done within the last few weeks before this hurricane was showing up as a big threat, and then obviously a possible rush to get any overflows spread before it gets here, so that their not having to be deal with it onsite,” says Brian Fanon, the Yadkin Riverkeeper.

The Yadkin Riverkeeper is monitoring river levels and keeping an eye on possible changes in water quality from the storm.

Small amounts of industrial components could come in, but really our big worry here is manure, waste material  pushing up those nutrient loads and bacteria loads.”

Fannon says he will take samples after the storm to measure the amount of fecal material in the water. He encourages those who use the Yadkin River for recreation to wash their hands and shower after activities.

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