Hunting for Great Shopping Deals

Hunting for Great Shopping Deals

8:08am Nov 29, 2013
As much as 30% of sales in North Carolina's retail stores occur between November and December.

The big retail hunt is on for deep retail discounts.

According to the North Carolina Retail Merchants Association, as much as 30% of a store’s sales come during November and December. So Communication Director Christie Burris says stores are doing all they can to get people in their doors. To get additional savings, she recommends shoppers bring store circulars along because many retailers will price match and are offering a lowest price guarantee. "Retailers know that consumers have a budget so they want to make sure when you come into their store they have what you need and that you’re happen when you leave." Burris also says to read the fine print of newspaper ads because for some items only a limited number are offered at the discount price.Zarmena Woods is the fitness manager at the Rush in downtown Winston-Salem. Before hitting the stores, she recommends shoppers prepare as if they are about to do a long workout. Eat a good breakfast, stretch and pack a special bag. "Have a refillable bottle filled with water, and then have some protein bars, fruit, peanut butter crackers, cheese sticks and every two hours making sure you’re grabbing a snack just to make sure you have the proper fuel to get you through." When you're shopping is done, Woods says shoppers should cool-down with some gentle stretching, a good meal and more water. Then plop down in your favorite spot, relax and enjoy your savings.

This year, retail analysts are predicting shoppers will spend more than $1 billion dollars over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend. They also estimate consumers will spend more than $2 billion dollars on Cyber Monday, December 2.   

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