Hidden Quarry in Winston-Salem Could Become Tourist Attraction

Hidden Quarry in Winston-Salem Could Become Tourist Attraction

5:42pm Feb 18, 2013
The rock quarry in Winston-Salem is closed to the public.
Winston-Salem Recreation & Parks Dept.

One of Winston-Salem’s best kept secrets could become a major tourist attraction.

Winston-Salem City Council will review a plan Monday to renovate a giant rock quarry located in the southeastern part of the city. 

The site, located between Reynolds Park Road and Waughtown St. is unknown to many residents in Forsyth County.  The city has owned the land since the late 1990's.

The quarry, which was once used by Vulcan Materials Company, has a 12-acre lake that’s estimated to be more than 200 feet deep in some areas. Last month, City Council voted to designate the quarry and land around it as parkland.

William Royston, Parks Superintendent for the city says, “The water is crystal clear and what has happened is over time, the quarry lake has developed into its own ecosystem, which includes several different types of fish and even fresh water jellyfish.”

Currently, the quarry is closed to the public for safety reasons. Royston says the city still needs to conduct geological studies and pinpoint exactly where the water in the lake is coming from. He says plans for the quarry include a water park, hiking and walking trails and camp sites.

“Because of the rich history and character of the site, we have also proposed a type of museum or education center,” says Royston.

Royston says the city is looking for funding sources to make all that possible. The project is expected to take 10 to 20 years to develop.

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