Healing Blues Project Turns Stories into Songs

Healing Blues Project Turns Stories into Songs

9:16am Jul 29, 2014


The Greensboro Interactive Resource Center recently launched an IndieGoGo campaign for its Healing Blues project. The campaign will cover costs for the album production,concert presentation, and allow them to invest in the storytellers.

The Healing Blues project invites folks experiencing things such as homelessness, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or abuse to share a story about the challenges they face with a participating songwriter. The songwriter collaborates with the storyteller in writing and performing their song for a fascinating new recording. The Healing Blues CD memorializes the personal struggles of nearly a dozen participants in living music.  The Healing Blues project is an interdisciplinary collaboration between Greensboro College faculty cross-disciplinary artist Ted Elfremoff, composer, pianist Dave Fox, art students Julia Fergus and Gabrielle Harvin. Also involved are the Interactive Resource Center—a day resource center for people experiencing homelessness—Greensboro Area Songwriters, and storytellers from the Greensboro community.

We’ve been sampling from early takes from The Healing Blues CD. The last stories have recently been gathered and the collaborators intend to complete the recording by the end of Summer 2014. The Healing Blues CD release with a fundraiser concert benefiting the Interactive Resource Center is currently scheduled for Spring of 2015.

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