Gun Violence - A Student's Perspective

Gun Violence - A Student's Perspective

4:15pm Jun 01, 2018
West Forsyth High School
Harper is a student at West Forsyth High School, and she interviewed her fellow students on the issue of gun violence
Emily Harper

Gun violence and school shootings are without a doubt divisive issues. People on both sides of the issue feel very strongly about their positions, which can lead to heated arguments. For Radio 101 student, Emily Harper, this is an issue where the ones most affected—school-aged children—are often ignored or unheard.

Harper set out to talk with her peers at West Forsyth High School about gun violence and what they felt could be done about it.

She quickly discovered that, while everyone she talked to wanted to feel safe, the “how” became a source of conflict. Some students thought more armed personnel on campus could help, others defended the “Gun-Free Zone,” while others tackled the idea of arming teachers.

By talking with her peers, Harper realized that there is not ONE solution that would fix this problem. However, she also realized that, while people might disagree on “how to solve” the issue, students seem to be able to talk about it openly and in a civilized manner, which is more that can be said of some adults.