Guilford County Won't File Charges In Animal Shelter Investigation

Guilford County Won't File Charges In Animal Shelter Investigation

7:00pm Nov 02, 2015
Photo by Dave Parker via Flickr

The Guilford County DA says he can’t bring charges against the former employees of Guilford’s animal shelter.  The county’s assistant district attorney says there is not enough evidence to connect a specific act to a specific person.

The investigation of the shelter was launched in July by the Guilford County Sheriff's Office in conjunction with the DA. It dug into allegations of animal cruelty, potential drug violations and financial misappropriation at the shelter.

According to the News and Record, a similar investigation in Davidson County resulted in felony charges for three former employees of the United Animal Coalition, which managed the animal shelter there and in Guilford County.

Colonel Randy Powers says the sheriff's office is continuing to investigate potential misappropriation of donations and county funds,  but there's no timeline for when that might be completed.

Powers says that in general, the case presented to the district attorney pointed less toward individual employees than to a dysfunctional shelter environment, Powers said.

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