Guilford County Looks At Ways To Reduce DWI Cases Backlog

Guilford County Looks At Ways To Reduce DWI Cases Backlog

7:32pm Nov 20, 2016
Law enforcement officials in Guilford County are cracking down on impaired driving. Credit: diegoparra via pixabay

Guilford County officials are trying to figure out how to reduce a backlog of thousands of DWI cases. They hope the creation of a special court will help address the problem.

The backlog of DWI, or driving while intoxicated cases in Guilford County is growing. As of Nov. 10, Guilford had the second highest number of DWI pending cases in the state with more than 4,100. Wake County had the highest, with more than 4,300 cases.

The News and Record reports that there are three factors most responsible for the backlog in Guilford County — an active DWI task force, the time it takes to get blood work back from the labs and a massive daily court docket.

And that’s overwhelming traffic court. Local officials say the average age of the cases is 19 months.

But the county has a plan to hear them more quickly. Several agencies and community members are working together to provide additional staff and resources for a special court.

Guilford County will hold DWI court for six months, five days a week. That’s expected to start in early January.

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