Guilford County Animal Shelter Director Suspended

Guilford County Animal Shelter Director Suspended

5:54pm Aug 12, 2015
The Guilford County Animal Shelter is being investigated by multiple agencies, after allegations of animal cruelty and abuse.
Keri Brown

The director of the Guilford County Animal Shelter has been suspended, as a state and federal investigation into the shelter continues.

The United Animal Coalition, the non-Greensboro-based non-profit that manages the shelter, says director Marsha Williams was suspended with pay. She’s been in charge of the facility since 2001.

Law enforcement officers are also conducting an investigation at the animal shelter in Davidson County, which is managed by the same group.

Meanwhile, plans are being put into place to keep operations running smoothly during the probe. The president of the United Animal Coalition, Carolyn Cudd, says volunteers are helping out and shelter staff members are working with these volunteers to fulfill her duties at this time.

The multi-agency investigation centers around allegations of animal abuse and cruelty at both the Guilford County and Davidson County Animal Shelters.

The United Animal Coalition it’s cooperating with the investigations and adoption numbers at the shelters have not suffered, since the investigations became public.

In June, Guilford County Board of Commissioners approved an amended contract, allowing the non-profit to continue running the shelter. But it now requires the organization to submit detailed monthly reports about the shelter’s operations.

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