Greensboro Will Promote Fresh Food Access

Greensboro Will Promote Fresh Food Access

12:03pm Aug 20, 2015
This maps shows area supermarket locations in Greensboro.
City of Greensboro

Greensboro residents will soon have more access to healthy foods. The City Council has approved a plan to bring fresh fruits and vegetables to parts of the city that don’t have grocery stores.

The Food Access Plan is an outline that focuses on food deserts, which are low-income areas with little or no access to fresh local produce.

Fox8 News reports the plan was made possible by a grant from a US Department of Agriculture program aimed at supporting local food businesses that connect farmers with consumers.

It also creates opportunities for those looking to start local food-related businesses.

The outline notes that of three dozen corner stores in Greensboro, only six currently offer fresh vegetables.

City leaders hope to make incentives  available to these stores to offer a wider variety of options.

The city will now apply for an implementation grant to launch their ideas.

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