Greensboro Voters Will Decide On $126 Million Bond Package

Greensboro Voters Will Decide On $126 Million Bond Package

6:01pm Aug 23, 2016
Downtown Greensboro, North Carolina. Credit: Joe Wolf via flickr

The City of Greensboro is placing four separate bond referendums on the November ballot. The total spending package is around $126 million. A large portion of the money would be used for community and economic development. That includes new streetscaping and lighting in the downtown area.

Larry Davis, the city’s budget director, says parks and recreation would also get a boost if voters approve the measure.

“This would include further construction and improvements at Barber Park, Gateway Gardens," says Davis. "It also includes completion of the downtown Greenway, a project that’s been underway now for several years, and it would also extend what is referred to as the A&Y Greenway [Atlantic & Yadkin Greenway].”

The other two Greensboro bond issues address housing and transportation. Davis says the city has been working with community organizations to get a better understanding of the needs in local neighborhoods. According to the research, affordable housing is an issue.

Davis says if the housing bond is approved, it would give developers money to update and build homes in several communities, including East Greensboro. It would also provide down payment assistance for potential homeowners.  

“We will be looking at special initiatives for defined groups such as police officers, public service workers, firefighters, teachers, people who we generally think of as middle income, but who still struggle to make that down payment amount that’s necessary to close the deal for getting into a house.”

Davis says if all four referendums pass, a person who has a home valued at $150,000 can expect to pay around $50 more a year.


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