Greensboro bus riders have a new, environmentally friendly option when moving around town. The city's transit authority is introducing two battery-powered electric buses Thursday.

The buses will be charged at a maintenance facility overnight and at a quick charge location at the J. Douglas Galyon Depot downtown. On a full battery, the vehicles will be able to go up to 200 miles.

Kevin Elwood with the Greensboro Transit Authority says the new buses will make for an all-around better experience for the community.

“There is no smoke, there is no tailpipe, and the only emission that comes from the bus is water. Also, because there is no combustible engine, there is very little noise,” he says.

The buses each cost $800,000, but the city anticipates savings of around $30,000 a year in reduced fuel and maintenance.

The city plans to gradually phase out the oldest diesel buses in its fleet.   

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