Greensboro Report Finds Continuing Barriers To Affordable Housing

Greensboro Report Finds Continuing Barriers To Affordable Housing

4:53pm Dec 16, 2019

A new report from Greensboro’s Neighborhood Development Department details the barriers that people face when trying to find affordable housing.

While the report focused on housing, its 100-plus pages also provide a snapshot of Greensboro’s current population trends, including historic issues such as segregation which is on the decline. 

There’s also a suggestion that the city should look at how a “not in my backyard” attitude among residents may limit choices.   

Some of the same housing impediments existed when an assessment was presented five years ago. There continues to be a lack of units available, and some of what is out there is of poor quality.

Another ongoing problem: zoning ordinances, some of which were written to address other problems but ended up limiting affordable housing options.

The study’s authors recommend that the city re-examine its zoning standards and requirements with an eye toward breaking some of those barriers.

The report was designed to help guide Greensboro officials on policy over the next five years.

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