Greensboro Opens Legal Fight To Restore Government

Greensboro Opens Legal Fight To Restore Government

9:17am Jul 14, 2015

The City of Greensboro and six citizens are filing a lawsuit against changes to the structure of its government.  The General Assembly passed the controversial House Bill 263 two weeks ago.


The suit, filed Monday, is being brought to the U.S. District Court, aimed at the Guilford County Board of Elections. It's designed to stop the election board from enacting the changes that the new law brought about. Initial filings for the fall 2015 elections begin at the end of this month.

The Greensboro Act, in part, redistricts the county, changes the term of office for council members and limits the authority of the mayor. The suit states that the new law is unconstitutional and diminishes the value of a vote in many of the new districts.

Additionally, the Act restricts Greensboro from making any shifts to the redistricting without approval from the General Assembly. The complaint also claims the new law is racially discriminatory and based on partisan politics.

Senator Trudy Wade, who sponsored the original bill, said earlier the changes would create better representation for all city residents and is nonpartisan.

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