The City of Greensboro has confirmed that Officer C.N. Jackson has left the police force. She was on the scene of the altercation between former officer Travis Cole and Dejuan Yourse. The video, which was presented at a special city council meeting on Monday, was taken from body cameras worn on both officers. They were responding to a report of possible breaking and entering.

The video shows the situation starts off calmly but then suddenly escalates. Officer Cole's camera is knocked off, and it is officer Jackson's footage that is seen for the duration, showing Yourse being punched and wrestled to the ground.

Cole resigned from his post in August, but not before getting a promotion while his conduct was being investigated.

The City Council, including Mayor Nancy Vaughan, apologized to Yourse. The council also voted in favor of revoking Cole's law enforcement certification.

Police chief Wayne Scott is preparing a report for the council on how the internal investigation was conducted. 

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