A new report out of Greensboro shows continued growth with the value of construction hitting a historic mark of $1 billion.

More than 4,000 building permits were issued last year, representing an 8% increase from 2022. That's according to the Greensboro Planning Department's annual growth and development report, which shows economic measures for the area.

According to the document, the city also expanded by 268 acres through annexation in 2023.

Planning Director Sue Schwartz says the city has the key ingredients to continue this positive trend including amenities and recruitment of new jobs, but it's important everyone has a chance to benefit.

"It's not great if some people are left behind," she says. "And so the key piece to me is to make sure that we have opportunities so that everyone in Greensboro has an opportunity to prosper."

Schwartz says the city might be growing at a different rate as compared to other major cities in North Carolina, but its current phase is a "sweet spot."

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