The city of Greensboro is asking for input on a new security ordinance that would focus on nightlife safety issues. Business owners voiced their concerns during a recent virtual town hall meeting with city council members and say they want to be part of the process. 

Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan says the ordinance would be for establishments that have on-site alcohol for purchase.

The goal is to try to curb violent crime in the city. This comes as four people were stabbed this month at a downtown nightclub on Elm Street. Police say aggravated assaults and homicides have increased over the past year.

Some members of the North Carolina Bar Owners Association propose a promoter permit for venue usage that would require a completed background with fingerprint check among other things. They also suggest having more officers patrol the entertainment district when they're not responding to calls.

Vaughan says the ordinance is in the draft stage.

“This is going to be part of a Greensboro safety ordinance. We are looking at overall safety concerns in the city of Greensboro, so this might be Phase one. Phase two might be gas stations and convenience stores,” says Vaughan.

The city will host another town hall meeting on May 10 to collect public input on the issue.

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