Greensboro City Council Mulls Endorsing #8CANTWAIT Police Reforms

Greensboro City Council Mulls Endorsing #8CANTWAIT Police Reforms

10:54am Jun 24, 2020
Greensboro Police Chief Brian James addresses council members at a virtual meeting June 23. APRIL LAISSLE/WFDD

Greensboro’s City Council is brainstorming changes they’d like to see made within the city’s police department. 

At a work session Tuesday, the council discussed potentially requiring police to live within city limits and revamping the department’s communications strategy. 

They also mulled creating a resolution to endorse #EIGHTCANTWAIT, a nonprofit campaign that outlines eight different use of force policy changes advocates say could reduce police killings. Mayor Nancy Vaughan said passing such a measure soon is critical. 

“I want to be very clear that it has to be very specific that this is very, very important to us and to the community what exactly it is we're saying," said Vaughan. "So it's not to be wishy-washy. It has to be direct.”

Chief Brian James said the department has already implemented many aspects of the campaign. But he said he’d like to further discuss one recommendation with council members, though he was not specific. 

The Greensboro Criminal Justice Advisory Commission is set to discuss similar potential policy changes at a virtual town hall meeting Thursday.

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