Greensboro Budget Proposal Keeps Tax Rate Flat

Greensboro Budget Proposal Keeps Tax Rate Flat

3:42pm May 06, 2015

The Greensboro City Council is mulling over a new budget proposal, which continues a trend of leaving the local property tax rate unchanged.


City Manager Jim Westmoreland introduced the new $487 million dollar budget proposal Tuesday night.

The News and Record reports that residents would not see an increase in the property tax rate, which has remained flat for nine years.

Some fees would increase, however, as the city tries to close a budget gap of about $3.5 million. City parking and planning fees would go up, as would water rates.

The budget proposal also includes the elimination of nearly 14 full-time city positions. Close to $5 million of capital funds would be devoted to transportation infrastructure and the completion of the new police headquarters.

Budget work sessions will be held later this month before the council approves a final budget in June.


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