Greensboro Adopts New Rules For Electric Scooters

Greensboro Adopts New Rules For Electric Scooters

9:38am Nov 21, 2018
A bird scooter in Greensboro. BETHANY CHAFIN/WFDD

The City of Greensboro on Tuesday adopted new rules, effective immediately, for the use of electric scooters. The ordinances apply to riders as well as businesses marketing the vehicles.

According to a news release, residents will only be allowed to ride scooters on city streets with a speed limit of less than 35 miles an hour. 

Riders must follow all traffic laws.

Scooters will be allowed in bike lanes, but will be banned from sidewalks and parking decks. Parking on sidewalks will be regulated.   

The Greensboro City Council also created a permit pilot program for businesses that rent scooters. Businesses must obtain a $500 permit and pay a $50 per scooter fee. They also must report usage and crash data to the city.

Earlier this week, the City of Winston-Salem banned the use of scooters until officials can determine how to regulate them.

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