Grant Program Gives NC Nonprofits a Chance to Break Barriers

Grant Program Gives NC Nonprofits a Chance to Break Barriers

1:43am Mar 25, 2014
J.D. Wilson is a Winston-Salem resident and a private business owner in the Triad. He told WFDD's intern Molly Burke that he wants to strengthen communities in the state by helping nonprofits accomplish their goals.
Molly Burke

A Winston-Salem business owner is giving back to the community to commemorate his  company’s 40-year milestone.  

Excalibur, a direct marking firm is offering $40,000 in grants to local nonprofit organizations.

“If you were just to stop and think about all the nonprofits that exist and if they did not exist, what a difference it would make in the quality of our lives. This just seemed to be an opportunity to give back to a community and a state that has been so supportive of us and our employees for such a long time,”   said J.D. Wilson, President and CEO of Excalibur.

Wilson said he learned a lot about nonprofits and their impact on the community during his time as a student at Wake Forest University. He also worked in the school’s alumni office. He said the goal of the grant program is to help nonprofits who are struggling to meet their goals because of a lack of resources.

“There’s a wide range of things that we can do for folks. One of those is basic consulting, which is to come in and look at their situation and help them understand how they might put together a better communication program to achieve their goals. It could also be something that is physical like to design, create and write copy, even print a brochure or a case statement to explain what their purpose is,” Wilson said.

The grant program is open to nonprofits throughout North Carolina. The application deadline for nonprofits to apply for the services grant program is June 30.

Molly Burke is an intern at WFDD and a student at Wake Forest University majoring in Communication & Psychology. She interviewed J.D. Wilson from our studios on campus.

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