Gaining Our Rights is No Easy Task

Gaining Our Rights is No Easy Task

1:20pm Nov 27, 2013
Mary Law (l) with her daughter, Cristina.

Imagine being a minority and fighting for equal rights.  Now imagine being caught in the middle of the fight as a teenager.

In 2000, Mary Law and her partner adopted two children from Romania. Now their daughter, Cristina, is 16 and their son, Alexandru, is 15. Cristina attends Mount Tabor High School and is active with the Gay-Straight Alliance, a nationally based group that works to create safe school environments for Homosexual youth.

They recently shared some of their experiences of being a part of a same-sex family with StoryLine. This project gives voice to everyday people throughout our community as they share the experiences that shape their lives. It is a project of the ECHO Network, dedicated to building trusting relationships in our community.

In this segment of StoryLine, Mary and Cristina talk about the struggles and rewards faced by same-sex couples and their children.  They also agree that working as activists for social change is a slow, difficult journey.

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