Forsyth County has taken a step to go green as commissioners on Thursday approved a proposal to address the possible effects of climate change. 

The measure has a goal of moving the county to a complete transition to clean and renewable energy by 2050. It's a compromise from an earlier proposal that would have set the date at 2030.

Commissioner Richard Linville suggested compromising that even further by taking out the deadline altogether.

“Put a number out there and there will be those who think that you need to meet that no matter what,” he says.

Linville says he also worries that the resolution doesn't consider costs. 

Commissioner Ted Kaplan says on projects like these the long-term deadlines are more of a wish than anything else. But he still believes the county must take action.

“Let's do what we can, as quickly as we can, to hold off as long as we can this climate change,” he says.

During a public comment period, five people spoke in favor of the proposal, including Celeste Holcomb of Winston-Salem.

"I think that if our communities can be on track and be leaders in this area, I think that we can really help our communities become strong and survive the climate crisis," she says.

No one spoke in opposition.

The measure passed with Linville casting the only vote against it.

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