Forsyth County Republican & Democrat Parties Step Up Efforts to Support Local Candidates

Forsyth County Republican & Democrat Parties Step Up Efforts to Support Local Candidates

11:51am Nov 06, 2013
Scott Cumbie, Forsyth County Republican Party Chair, says he expects more voter turnout locally in 2016 because of the presidential race and other high-profile races.
Keri Brown

North Carolina Democrats are celebrating big wins in targeted local races across the state, including Charlotte, Greensboro and Boone, and Winston-Salem.

On Tuesday, thousands of people across the state went to the polls to cast ballots in the Municipal General Elections. Susan Campbell, chair of the Forsyth County Democratic Party, says locally the party provided transportation and other support to get voters to the election polls.

“Our voters count on us, the Democratic Party, to help them get to the poles if they have a transportation problem and they know that and we are always there for them. It's the candidates getting out in the neighborhoods and knocking on those doors that won the races. The party was supporting them but they were driving it,” says Campbell.

According to Rob Coffman, Forsyth County elections director, voter turnout was low across Forsyth County, with just 10 percent of the nearly 200,000 registered voters casting a ballot.

Scott Cumbie, chairman of the Forsyth County Republican Party, says the local GOP offered more support for candidates this year than in than past elections.

“This year the party put a lot of efforts in helping and supporting the candidates during their campaigns. The party put a lot of efforts in recruiting candidates this year. The candidates had to raise their own money but the local party helped them find volunteers, provided the campaign office for telephone calls, even knocked on doors in neighborhoods to help candidates spread their message,” says Cumbie.

Cumbie says there were 32 Republicans on the ballot Tuesday from municipalities throughout the county. He says the GOP is already recruiting possible candidates for the 2014 & 2016 election cycles.

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