Focusing on Meditation and Yoga: An Interview with Jacob Felder

Focusing on Meditation and Yoga: An Interview with Jacob Felder

5:20pm Jul 17, 2013
Radio Camper Emma Heard interviews Jacob Felder

Begin by bringing your attention literally within. Beginning with the legs, bring your attention….

That’s a clip from Jacob Felder’s website. He is guiding listeners through a meditation exercise. He is a professional in several different art forms. WFDD Radio Camper Emma Heard recently spoke with him.


Jacob Felder is a happy, go-lucky man who is most comfortable in a button down shirt with polo pants. Since 2001--he's been a professional yoga and meditation instructor in Winston-Salem. He believes it can help anyone mentally and physically.

Meditation is the slowing down of brain-wave frequency in order to relax and become a little bit more centered and focused at the task at hand.

Meditation helps Felder in the diversity of things he enjoys.  He's also a professional mime, clown and Felder has experimented with fire dancing and circus-style acrobatic balancing acts.

Well, you can imagine two people lifting each other (you know, of course, with one lifting and the other being lifted) and one leans one way. If the other didn’t lean the opposite way, they would fall. So it’s kind of like balance and counter-balance, until it’s all evened out. Sometimes it’s in a very horizontal plane; sometimes it’s an overhead plane, like you could imagine someone doing a handstand on somebody else’s head.

Felder operates a yoga studio in Winston-Salem where he teaches daily. He's also just written a book on meditation, entitled "Meditation: The Awareness Approach." He hopes more people will try these disciplines because they have life-long benefits.

For WFDD Radio Camp, I'm Emma Heard.