Focusing on a Bigger View

Focusing on a Bigger View

1:29pm Feb 17, 2014
Nelson Mandela served 27 years of a life prison sentence for opposing South Africa's Apartheid policy

One Triad attorney recognizes Nelson Mandela as a beacon of hope in a dark storm.

Everyone's life has a purpose. But some lives create ripples that swell into mighty waves of life-changing impact. Guest commentator Mike Wells believes this about one attorney who he greatly admires. Wells is a senior partner at a Winston-Salem law firm.

In this segment of Real People, Real Stories, Wells explains how Nelson Mandela taught the world that amid the wrong, to always focus on hope. The excerpts used are from Mandela's April 1964 trial in Petoria, South Africa. He was convicted of conspiracy to overthrow the state and sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1994, Mandela became South Africa's first black president.


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