One person has died from West Nile virus in North Carolina. Health officials say it's also the first confirmed case in 2018.

The North Carolina resident lived in the southeastern part of the state. The Department of Health and Human Services isn't releasing any additional information due to patient confidentiality.

Dying from West Nile virus is pretty rare - over a five-year period, there were 25 reported cases in the state and seven deaths.

Most people who get it don't experience any symptoms at all, or maybe a mild, flu-like illness. Around twenty percent develop a fever with headaches, body aches, and vomiting.

But a severe case can affect the central nervous system, and can be fatal.

According to State Public Health Official Carl Williams, most North Carolina cases are reported July through November. There's currently no vaccine licensed for human-use or medication used to cure West Nile disease.

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