Fiddle & Bow 40 + 1 anniversary concert comes to Reynolda

Fiddle & Bow 40 + 1 anniversary concert comes to Reynolda

5:12pm May 19, 2022
Image courtesy of The Fiddle & Bow Society.

This weekend Fiddle and Bow, the Triad’s Folk Music Society, celebrates its 40th anniversary — plus one year for COVID — with a festival at Reynolda House in Winston-Salem.

On January 2, 1982, the very first Fiddle & Bow radio program hosted by Co-founders Sonny Thomas and Bill Stevens was broadcast on WFDD, and remained a weekly Saturday night tradition for 16 years — promoting and preserving folk music, dance and their related arts.

There were live concerts too with music ranging from contemporary and traditional folk to old-time, acoustic blues, Celtic and more, and they’ve continued to this day. 

Fiddle & Bow president Mark Dillon says the pandemic has forced the organization to reflect on its mission.

"Sort of look back to our roots and look at what other activities we did as an organization in the 80s and early 90s," says Dillon. "And part of that is sponsoring educational workshops. Part of that is looking at some open mics and some other events like that where we’re not pulling in as many shows but we’re really focusing on the quality of the shows too."

Dillon says Fiddle & Bow concerts of the past at small venues that have since closed were hallmarked by acoustic performances, and attentive audiences. These days he says, finding quiet listening environments can be a challenge.

This weekend’s 40 + 1 festival returns to Reynolda House with four acts in three hours beginning with Doug MacLeod. "We’re really really lucky to get him involved," says Dillon. "He was recently nominated for acoustic blues album of the year."

MacLeod will be followed by DaShawn Hickman. "He is a sacred steel player playing with several artists in the area and just an incredible talent," says Dillon.

The Martha Bassett Band is next. "She’s personally one of my favorite performers because she can just hit that broad range of music genres so elegantly," he says.

And Beirt le Chéile and Friends will conclude the program. "It is quite literally a history of Fiddle & Bow musicians as well," he says. "There’ll be a lot of guests including Sunny Thomas, one of the founders of Fiddle & Bow way back in 1981."

The 40 + 1 anniversary concert is 1-4 p.m. on Sunday, May 22, at Reynolda House, rain or shine.  


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