Environmentalists Map Homes, Hog Farms As Lawsuits Threatened

Environmentalists Map Homes, Hog Farms As Lawsuits Threatened

10:49am Apr 17, 2017
Credit: Pixabay user James Demars for Creative Commons public domain http://bit.ly/2oEeszK

Environmental groups say tens of thousands of homeowners would be affected by a North Carolina  proposal that would protect hog and poultry operations from lawsuits to stop intense odors from animal waste.

Environmental Working Group and Waterkeeper Alliance released an interactive map Sunday showing the proximity of homes to high-density hog and poultry barns around North Carolina.

The organizations estimate that about 60,000 homes are within a half-mile of livestock operations, representing families likely to be affected if the legislation undercutting nuisance lawsuits is approved.

The environmental groups say they've used state permitting data and on-the-ground spotters to log the locations of thousands of industrial-scale livestock operations for the online map. The groups say the map also marks residential parcels from county tax records.

The legislation would limit the liability of an operation to the lost property value if plaintiffs can prove it was the result of the odors.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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