Education Building First Step in Planned Greensboro Campus

Education Building First Step in Planned Greensboro Campus

4:47pm Apr 06, 2015
City of Greensboro

Construction is kicking off on a new $35-million nursing education in Greensboro.

Groundbreaking will be held for the Union Square Campus on the corner of Lee and Arlington Streets.

The building will have classrooms, offices and labs and will be used jointly by UNC Greensboro and North Carolina A&T universities. Susan Safran chairs UNCG’s board of trustees. She says the building reflects a future of collaboration on major projects.

“We don’t have the money to go out and build a shining edifice for just one thing, so we’re all sharing quarters and we think it will be a very symbiotic relationship,” she says.

The three-story nursing education building is the first phase of a larger mixed-use project. Planners eventually hope to have almost 1 million square feet of new construction in the project that will include housing and a conference center.

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